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Download North West Shelf Extension Briefer

This two-page document outlines why we need to stop Woodside's North West Shelf extension - and actions you can take!

If you would like to request a meeting with your State MPs about this issue, please feel free to use our MP Meeting Letter Template.

You can also quickly send powerful emails to your MPs raising this issue via our Do Gooder





Download Go Beyond Gas Briefing: Burrup Hub Expansion Threat Slides

Access the slides from our latest online briefing, where we gave an overview of Woodside's Burrup Hub expansion plans and outlined strategic points of intervention, with a specific focus on Minister Whitby's imminent decision on Woodside's North West Shelf Extension.



Download Go Beyond Gas MP Meeting One-Pager

You’ve got a meeting secured with your local MP, great job! We’ve made a 1-page document outlining Western Australia's big gas problem, the climate impacts we are having and what we need the government to do.

Print this page and share it with your MP. Encourage your MP to raise these issues with key decision-makers in Parliament!







Download Guidebook: How to Meet Your MP

Meeting with your MP is one of the most powerful ways you can take climate action. MPs care about their constituents, and it is part of their role to listen to our concerns about why climate change matters and what actions we want them to take.

This guidebook includes a step-by-step process to follow, including: getting to know your MP, preparing for a meeting and building a relationship with your MP.

It includes practical activities, an email template and useful tips to help you have successful and impactful meetings!