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The Solution

Our vision for a WA beyond gas 


In our inspiring vision for Western Australia, we see a future where a safe climate is achieved through the end of fossil fuel extraction and the adoption of 100% renewable energy, while striving for climate justice. 

Connected and diverse communities thrive in a just and equitable society, empowered by a strengthened democracy that values all voices. Nature is protected and preserved, cherished for its intrinsic value and its role in sustaining life on our planet. 

Together, we can go beyond gas to build a sustainable and inclusive society that embraces renewable energy, strengthens community bonds, and safeguards the natural world for generations to come. 



Keeping gas in the ground 

The climate science is clear, to address climate change we must stop any new or expanded gas projects, including Woodside’s Burrup Hub gas expansion. We also need to phase out gas power by 2035 and gas exports by 2040. However, the WA gas industry wants to keep expanding its operations into the 2070s, at odds with WA’s net-zero by 2050 target. 

Secure strong climate legislation for WA

WA needs strong climate legislation that is aligned with limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, including short-term emissions reductions targets starting with 2030. Go beyond Gas is dedicated to ensuring that Western Australia's new climate legislation is science-based, with 5-year interim targets providing a clear roadmap for emissions reductions in our state. Public consultation is essential for strong climate legislation. By engaging with state politicians, we hold them accountable to their promises and targets. 


Plan for WA to go beyond gas to become a renewable energy superpower 

WA can be a world leader in renewable energy by decarbonising our electricity grid, winding down existing gas infrastructure, and investing in our incredible renewable export potential. We must phase out existing fossil fuel projects and seize the economic benefits of transitioning to renewable energy in line with the Paris Agreement. Western Australia has world-class renewable energy resources and strong ties to Asian markets, making us poised to become a renewable energy superpower. This plan will not only lower energy costs but also create employment opportunities while decarbonizing our economy.

Our state holds many minerals that are critical to the renewable energy transformation; with this comes great responsibility. Whilst the renewable energy transition will require vast material inputs, we recognise there is an ecological limit to extractivism, and any practices must be grounded in social, environmental and climate justice. We call for strong protection of the state’s unique biodiversity and ecosystems, and respect for the communities on Country. 

Let's work together to power our state with clean energy and pave the way to a sustainable future! 


How we make this happen 


Building a movement 

Climate change poses an existential threat to our environment and communities, requiring collective action and a united front. By building a movement, we bring together individuals, groups, and communities dedicated to protecting life on our planet. Together, we can amplify our voices, share knowledge, and mobilise for impactful change. This movement empowers us to challenge the status quo, hold decision-makers accountable and advocate for the urgent need to Go Beyond Gas. 

We have seen the effectiveness of grassroots collective action in halting destructive projects like Roe 8 and securing a native forest logging ban in WA. These victories demonstrate the remarkable achievements that occur when people unite and harness their power for the greater good. 

The movement to Go Beyond Gas is relevant to every West Australian, as the liveability and sustainability of our state affects us all. By advocating for the planet, we advocate for our human rights and for people disproportionately affected by climate change impacts.  

We encourage everyone to join us, and we welcome the contributions of people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and expertise to accurately represent WA communities and build a powerful movement for change. 


Climate justice 

Our movement ensures inclusion and protection of those most vulnerable to climate change. The impacts of climate change are often felt most by the communities that have contributed the least. Impacts are much more acute for those who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or subject to discrimination.  


Standing with First Nations people  

The fight for climate action must be a collaborative partnership with all, importantly including Indigenous people.  For over 60,000 years, Indigenous people have owned this continent, culturally connected to the land, water, and animals and have lived in balance with Country. Our Indigenous partners possess invaluable knowledge and best practices in caring for Country. We seek to actively promote two way learning and stand with all Indigenous people in the battle to protect WA and the world from the devastating over-exploitation of gas and other fossil fuels. Together, let us forge a path of climate justice, mutual respect, and ecological sustainability for our state.