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Start an action team

If a Go Beyond Gas action team doesn’t yet exist in your area, you can start your very own action team. Working together with local community members is the most effective way to engage in active hope.  

By starting your own local group you’ll be able to draw on the resources, help, and experience of the entire Go Beyond Gas network, whilst learning new skills and meeting like-minded people. Soon you will be meeting your MPs, attending or hosting local events, influencing local change, and moving WA beyond gas!   

Anyone can start a local group, anywhere in WA, no matter your age, job, background, or ability. You can create an action team based on geographic location or identity (e.g. artists, parents – all ideas are welcome!)

Sign up here to start an action team and we’ll be in touch! 

Go Beyond Gas principles

1. We are people powered
2. We act together for justice
3. We are creative and courageous
4. We are welcoming and inclusive
5. We are compassionate and non-violent
6. We value credible, evidence-based policy
7. We support, represent and build a diverse community
8. We are non-partisan